Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Pooh's 1st Bento!

Here are some pics of Pooh's first bento and I think they're fantatic!!

Isn't this the coolest version of ants on a log ever?!  She wouldn't let me see any of it until she was done, but worth the wait!  I did a breakfast bento which I'll post below.  Well done, Pooh!


Hard to believe we're having a snow day on April 20th, but that's the snowy tundra for ya!  We got about 8" of heavy, wet snow overnight.  We're supposed to get a couple more today and tonight.  At least, it gives us a chance to play with bento making!  I'm cooking rice and couscous to make shapes.  I am posting my last bento picture too.  I think it was from Wednesday last week!  Wow, time flies.  I am going to try to be a bit better as my weight loss has stopped and I have the March for Babies walk in just 10 days!  Yikes!
Here is Bento Box #3 (wow, really only 3?)  Pretty straight-forward lunch - chicken stir-fry over brown rice and cut veggies.  Tasty and very quick to get ready in the early morning hours.  Hopefully we'll have some more imaginative posts after our snow day.

Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Wednesday *sigh*

Is there anything so uninteresting as a Wednesday?  Ah well - I did pack a bento box and take pictures this morning, so will post this evening.  Poot's first track meet was cancelled (probably still snow on the track!) so plan to clean out Bessie and pick up the house a bit.  Again - *sigh* - Wednesday.  On the positive side, my stand-up desk is working out pretty well.  It takes some getting used to, being on my feet most of the day again, but I wore comfy shoes today!

Monday, April 11, 2011

Bento Box 2

Here's box #2 - today's lunch.  It is a bit odd to look at as I'm playing with colors.  This is fried rice (burger, garlic, onion, red pepper and brown rice) roasted purple potatoes, red peppers, radishes and kumato tomatoes.  I also took 2 cheese-stuffed bread rolls which were much smaller than my first attempt, much closer to the size called for in the recipe.  I usually take a small salad, too, much smaller than what I was taking in an attempt to make my portion sizes a bit more reasonable.  So, an unusual, but tasty entry for my 2nd attempt.

Happy Monday!

I hope all enjoyed the beautiful weather this weekend - right up to the monsoon on Sunday!  We really didn't get too much damage, just a few small brances down.  It was very nice for much of the day and the evening rain got rid of the bulk of the snow - yay!!  Well, I did pack a bento box lunch this morning, including some successful recipes from the weekend (not all were quite so successful  - le sigh).  I will put pictures up when I can, but board meeting tonight, so it might be tomorrow before they appear.  Wednesday is Poot's first track meet (away!) - I'm really hoping her bento box gets here tomorrow so she can take her snack in it!  She ordered a pretty black box with small flowers on the lid.  I'll put up pictures of that when it arrives, too.  Have a great day!

Saturday, April 9, 2011

Bento Box 1 - with roll!

Obviously, the bread roll is too big to put the lid on, so I took it out after the picture and added more rice and soy sauce.  I'm planning to work on some more recipes this weekend.  I am also ordering a bento box for Poot to take to track meets and another one for me - probably a breakfast box as I eat breakfast at work every day too.

Bento Box 1

Here is my first bento box lunch!  I took the picture before my stuffed bread rolls were done, so I took another picture with a bread roll.  It's just brown rice, frozen veggies (with cheese stars!), raw veggies and lightly steamed cauliflower.  It was surprisingly fillng, when I added the stuffed bread rolls.  They were stuffed with bbq pork.